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“The manuscript of this story took me by surprise and continually drew me in starting with the first few pages. A number of times I thought I had it figured out, and then as the story unfolded, it would prove me wrong. The intrigue builds again and again.”
J.B., Paralegal, retired

"Many twists will put the reader on edge.”
S. L., Author and playwright

“ An excellent story that pulls you in with interesting twists and turns, plus good character development. A real page-turner”!
V. A., Homemaker

“As a retired law enforcement officer I was impressed with the detail and factual information. A book that would be enjoyed by both men and women. A little something for everyone.”
B. K., Milwaukee Detective, retired

“A riveting read with a lot of twists and turns, with a sprinkling of 'spice' thrown in. The reader will not be disappointed!”
J. A., Detroit Police Officer-retired

“The title is deceiving. Each chapter gets deeper into the life of a college kid in 1963. You can't wait to get to the next part to see where it goes and how it ends. As each character comes to life, the story becomes even more involved as the need to get to the end increases. Enjoyable and interesting!”
K. O., MS Mgr

“A great read that adds mystery, sex, and historical information to keep the reader eager to read the next chapter, and will hold your attention to the end!”
F. K,. Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff, retired

“This story is set in 1963, twenty-five years before I was born. While reading the manuscript, I discovered what it meant to be an American during this brief era many historians refer to as ‘Camelot’. It’s a unique story, rich in detail, character development, mystery and sex, culminating with the assassination of JFK. Frankly, I enjoyed the ride as much as I did the ending. Stick with it; you’ll be glad you did!”
R. V., Community Communications Manager